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God loves me.. and he proved it today..

Ok, see the funniest thing happend to me on the way to school today.. well, actualy it wasnt funny at all, but I digress. Strangly my parents car died sometime last night between 7pm and 7am. so my poor daddy had to take the bus to work, and my mom had to drive my sister and I too school.. I really hope everything works out, we really need that piece o'shit to keep working for just a little bit longer. the problem is this, my sister WILL NOT get ready in time.. I tell her a hundred times what time we have to leave, and give her several warnings as to the approaching deadlines.. but it never works... anyway... we left the house much later than we should have, giving me about 20 minutes to get to school and then to my class... when it takes a half hour alone to drive there. I was very worried because of all days this is the worst day to be late. I have a very kind, but anal retentive teacher that will put up with anything and everything BUT being late. To say the least I was mad, upset, irritated, and tired.. the good part is this.. my mommy cheered me up by cracking the lamest jokes, my teacher was ten minutes late so i made it before her, and the paper I totally blanked on (that was due today) can be covered by my "freebie" as my teacher likes to call it.


Suddenly the sun looks brighter, and the smile has returned to my face... Life is ok, and I can handle the butt-load of home work tonight.

now all I need it come coffee... maybe Ill ask jason to make me coffee tonight...
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