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graham, jon, alina, claire, bryce, and lailey's big indie rock adventure

There was some general kick ass rockage done this weekend.. as of yet I don't think I have fully digested it all... but this warm sense of satisfaction does immediatly come to mind.

It was sweet that I didnt have to drive down myself, and got to spend time with some old friends I havent seen much of recently. I would have to agree with Graham that it was a comfortable, fun time.

having never heard the dismemberment plan before I was more than pleasantly suprized. I see what you were talking about.. must burn their cd's.. would be better if I knew what they were sayin.. plus they have an advantage, i'll never forget jon and graham getting on stage and showing their indie rocker dance moves.

death cab lived up to my expectations.. it was great to see them live.. Ive listend to their music so much. rock on

Bryce it was great to get to meet you this weekend. It will be nice to put a face to the name now. you seem like a really nice guy, and you the softest hair Ive ever seen. its freakishly soft.. DUDE!

Thanks for all the hugs Laily, A girl can never have enough of them, and you always seem to make me feel so loved..

So Jon, I was wondering.. did I live up to my now being cool? now that you got to see me for an extended period of time?

Graham, dude, you are my favorite person again.. I was able to get all the soda of my pants..

~~~~~~~~~~ENDS INDIE ROCK ADVENTURE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have all this pent up energy that I didnt use this weekend for some reason. I really must break out of this shy faze.. I dont know whats gotten into me lately. It cant be healthy to keep all this to myself.. note to self.. work on the shy thing.. your not shy alina.. stop pretending.. Claire told me I've been like that a lot recently.. she thought I was depressed.. LOL! I'm happier now than I have been in a long time.. Weird... ok another note to self.. stop saying weird all the time..

I was a bad girl and I didnt bring my home work with me.. now im sitting here watching the repeat of the olypic closing.. and reading about transgenderism (its really not as bad as it sounds, its really interesting, I just can't consintrate yet).. shit, kiss is playing.. thats just nasty.. the guys stomach is hangin out his pants.. I have to give them mad props though, fifty and still rockin it in platform shoes.. I'm not quite sure if its a good thing though..

Ok, so I am taking a break to write all you folks, and get my random unspoken thoughts out here. This is becoming a bad habit for me. Instead of writing all my young angst and passions in a creative fashion, I post here. It feels like an excuse these days as to why I don't write anymore. My mom keeps asking me what I have written, and my sister tells me that I should.. but I just can't bring myself to do it. Sigh I have the biggest case of writers block. I know I have talked about this alot recently, and am making no steps to change. but it is really bugging my now. WHY?

anyway.. I feel like I was completely emersed in music these last few days.. so much so that I keep hearing the toadies run through my head.. or elliot smith or one of the other random bands we listend to. tis a good feeling.

enough rambling for the night.. thanks for listening you guys.
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