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THings that i am super happy about right at this time...

~i aced a test that i was freaking about for weeks
~ i got no sleep at all last night, yet i feel rested and energetic
~ its raining.. for some reason that makes me happy
~ i wrote my first poem in a year.. and i like it
~ old school alanis morrisette... aint that ironic?
~ my little sister, how cute is she?
~ my dad is making a real effort... god it truely good..
~ i have a test in about 2 hours.. yes i did just say im excited about a tes.. i am...
~ death cab... 2 days.. and i dont think i have to drive there myself *crosses fingers and prays real hard*
~ the great jog i had this morning.. i love jogging in the rain.. it makes me feel refreshed...
~ my good friends.. one in paticular.
~ and last but not least... huckle berry tea...with honey of course

thank you God for my great mood today..
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